eCommerce Solutions


WooCommerce is an extension/plugin/add-on for WordPress. It’s one of the world’s most popular e-commerce solutions. The core plugin is free, and in its basic form has enough functionality for many small stores/shops. It has free and premium add-ons that can extend it’s functionality to add anything from booking solutions to subscription products. WoCommerce allows for both physical products sales and downloadable product sales.

Whether you’re launching a business or want to take a brick-and-mortar retail shop online, WooCommerce powerfully blends content and commerce. Contact us to see if WooCommerce will work for your business or project needs.


WordPress/WooCommerce is a solution that can be endlessly extended & customized, and it allows for more control over every aspect of your web site’s design and features. While Shopify can also be extended, its strength is more for basic stores that have basic maintenance and product management requirements. It can be a better solution for users who need an easy learning curve for adding and editing their products. We can help with consulting, setup, and tutorials for Shopify stores