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Web Site Design and Print Design Cost Guide

The following is a guide for clients or potential clients of I.C. Designs to explain costs, and how we can work together to make projects run smoothly.

Estimates & Costs for Web & Print Design Projects

An estimate for a job can only be based on the information made available by the client at the time of the estimate.   A quote can not be given on an unknown quantity of work. If requirements or the information provided change during the design process, costs will be reviewed with the client.

Knowing your budget can also allow me to establish what you will be able to realistically achieve for the money, and to perhaps suggest a range of options.

Domain and Hosting

On top of the fees to design a site, you will also need to purchase web hosting and a domain. The web host is where your page is stored on a server, and the domain name is your site’s address (www.domain.com).  It’s important that you use a reliable host so that your site is always operational.    I.C. Designs does not offer hosting services nor are we a member of any affiliate program.   We take an unbiased approach and recommend hosting that will best fit the needs of the site.

Domain names are a standard fee per year, and are purchased from a registrar.    In most cases, the hosting company offers these services.  Some hosts include a domain with their hosting plans.

We can walk you through the process of setting up hosting.


Preparation is key when planning a web site for both the client and the designer.  The designer can only work with the information provided.  If it is not prepared properly, or is constantly changing, you are adding to the cost of your project.

Keep a few things in mind when preparing/planning your site.

  • Your website needs to have a purpose – be it to sell a product, or encourage people to contact you.
  • Keep the customer and your target audience in mind, as well as your own needs/tastes.
  • Professional looking materials will mean a better looking and better performing site.  Take the time to prepare good text copy, and good photos.

Goals and Focus

Whether it’s a print campaign, or a web site, every design job involves a goal to be fulfilled.   Keep focused what site content is vital to your customer base/audience.  For example, does your site require hundreds of pages of text to sell your product or service?

Site Content

If you or your business/company already has a corporate image that uses a set of colours, fonts, and logos have them available.  If all you can provide is a poorly printed letterhead that requires cleaning up or completely rebuilding to be used, it adds to costs.  I.C. Designs offers graphic design services if you do not have any existing graphics.

Text or ‘copy’ should be provided in an electronic format.  For example, a Word processing document.  To cut costs, be sure the documents have been proof read, spell checked, and organized.  If this is done properly, it will cut time off the design process.  Text varies by client, but includes bios, missions statements, product information, services information etc.

Images/photos/logos/Illustrations should be provided in the highest quality format available.  Photos should be provided in a high resolution.  Logos should be provided in a high resolution, and preferably in a vector (.eps/PDF) format.


Have you seen other web sites you like, or have an idea of how you would like the site setup already?  We can audit those sites with your and make suggestions about what elements of those sites could work for your project.