Dedicated Email Services vs Hosting provided Email Services

I was about to write a post for clients about dedicated email services vs. hosting email today. Kinsta has fantastic articles on their Blog though (better than I could ever write), so I am going to link to their article. Read the full article here.

The first paragraph of the article echos my opinion on the issue from my own experiences:

Any web host worth its salt wants to provide top-notch server infrastructure and rock-solid security to its customers. As such, providing other (but related) services such as email may dilute the core offering. While that may not be the only factor, it’s still a large one. Given this, we’re going to delve into why you should keep email and hosting separate…

Kinsta Article

I am sure there are web hosts that have good email services that I just haven’t had any experience with. But the majority of my clients have run into issues with reliability, spam control or other problems at some point with hosting based email. Even though they are my clients, I am at the mercy of the host’s tech support for a lot of issues. I rarely see clients having a problem with a dedicated email service after it’s initial setup. Whether it’s Workspace, Office365, Zoho etc.

I personally like to recommend Google Workspace because clients find it dead easy to setup their accounts on their devices. I am always on call to help them out, but after the initial setup of the service they rarely require my help.

While a dedicated email service is an added cost, the reliability of email is essential for a business.